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Tuner One — Mobile App for Musicians

This article’s about the creation of the tuner app for guitar and other instruments. What makes it stand out among many competitors, what our contribution is and what the result for our client is.

We had the task to develop a mobile application. We did market analysis, developed the design, programmed and promoted it on the App Store.

The main problems that competitors in the market had were:

1. There are a lot of tuners where the microphone sensitivity is poorly balanced. So if you’re trying to tune an electric guitar that isn’t connected to an amplifier you often just can’t do it because the signal is quiet.

2. The smoothness and accuracy of tuning in many tuners is not calibrated. I.e. the tuner arrow deviates heavily from the right to the left and does not stand smoothly in the middle as in good hardware tuners.

3. Tuners often don’t catch low frequencies well which is critical for bass guitars, pianos and cello.

4. It is not thought over in many tuners that while the adjustment they might be looked at from a distance, for example, at rehearsals in ensembles where it is not convenient to hold a phone in hands and it is necessary to put it, for instance, on the floor.

5. Most tuners do not take into consideration users with bad color differences.

As a result, before the beginning of the application development we had to solve these 5 tasks + add functionality: tuning fork, an opportunity to switch tools, change guitar tuning.

Eventually, we came up with this kind of design:

Tuner one app

The sensitivity of the microphone

The sensitivity of the tuner is calibrated so that a user can adjust even an electric guitar that is not connected to the amplifier. It is enough to put a phone near a guitar.


Smooth and precise tuning

We have tried a lot of ready-made engines and made a lot of tests. As a result, we wrote the major part of the code ourselves and got the most precise definition of the sound at which it is comfortable to adjust an instrument. This task took most of our time. But the result is worth it, it is one of the best applications on the market in terms of strings’ smoothness and sensitivity. You can even set up a full octave piano with tuner one.


Easy visibility of the interface from a distance

We’ve taken into account that when tuning users might look at a tuner from a distance, for example, when rehearsing in ensembles where it’s not convenient to hold the phone and you need to put it on the floor or on the sofa for instance. Therefore, we have developed the design with the most useful action at the time of adjustment.

What kind of marketing strategy we used and what results we achieved are described in the next article, which will be published soon.

The tuner is available in the App Store.

You can test his work yourself.

If you need an experienced and enthusiastic development team for your application, we’re ready to sign up for NDA to discuss your ideas, give you advice and give you feedback based on your experience. We’ll be happy to help.

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