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Personal Account Software

We have projected, designed and programmed a personal account for a digital agency that provides setting up and running pay-per-click advertising services.

The account is designed for the agency’s clients and is convenient because it allows them to see their balance and how many days it will last. Also, the account helps to view statistics, to have accounting documents, to receive comments from an internet marketer about advertising campaigns. Our task was to make it easier for our clients to get answers to their questions and save time on calls. And for the agency — reduce the workload on managers by automating routine operations.


About everything in detail: project planning and design development

We have discovered that agency’s clients most often apply to an agency with three key tasks:

— Send them an invoice to pay for the balance of advertising campaigns. Most clients ask to do it urgently, as they do not monitor the balance in advance.

— Receive comments from an agency on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

— Get accounting records.

We have implemented reminders to a client about the end of funds in 3 days and on a day when the advertising should end. Reminders began to come to e-mail with a link to the personal account, where a client could quickly create an invoice in two clicks.

Project planning

It is not a client who started to follow the statistics, but the statistics began to come to a client.

Introduction of reminders by e-mail and the mechanism of self-forming invoices increased the timely payment in two times.

Among the agency’s clients there were a lot of clients who replenished the balance with small amounts, thinking that it would be enough for a week, but in fact it was enough for 2 days.

Therefore, we have developed a forecast that shows how many days the amount specified by a client will last. In other words, when a client enters the amount of money he plans to replenish, the forecast for how many days it will last is shown next to him — this distinguishes it from the Google Ads account, which shows only the balance.

Google balance

Statistics can be viewed on different advertising campaigns and comments could be received from a manager for a specific period of statistics. The data is loaded without reloading the page.

Google and Yandex reports

Thus, due to the creation of a personal account of clients, we have reduced the workload of agency managers by up to 70% on average. Clients replenish their accounts on their own, receive accounting documents, and communicate with agency managers mainly to plan new advertising campaigns. If you are an agency and solve similar problems in conducting pay-per-click advertising, we will be glad to share our experience in simplifying the work with clients and help to automate your processes when working with pay-per-click advertising.

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