App Store Optimization

It is not enough just to develop a mobile application, it is necessary that it could be found and installed by users. On the App Store the number of application installments affects the position at which the application is shown in the search.

After the development of Tuner ONE and its publication on the App Store, the number of installations per day made up 20-30. The launch of the advertising campaign for a couple of days allowed us to get 200 installations per day but after it was turned off the number decreased to 15 installations.


The main problems that required a solution:

— Decreasing amount of organic traffic, i.e., the number of installations from the search

— Almost the same set of basic words used in the application’s metadata compared to competitors.

— Limited market (musicians)

— Low user retention rate in the application

— Relatively few ratings and feedback provided

To solve the above problems we have carried out App Store Search Optimization (ASO) for Tuner ONE.



The metadata was compiled in 3 stages:

1. Brainstorming on the theme and functionality of the application

2. Competitors’ metadata analysis.

3. Selection from the metadata compiled in the previous paragraphs regarding the popularity and frequency of keyword requests.

As a result of optimization of already existing metadata we have reached 30-40 installations per day


Increase of user reach

In a similar way, metadata for 39 countries was optimized to reach more users and get more application installations. After adding textual metadata from all countries, screenshots for each country were also optimized. Due to these changes 250-300 installations per day were reached without advertising.

User reach

Rating and feedback

In order to increase the number of ratings, it is not enough to add a pop-up rating window. It is important to choose the moment when a user is satisfied with the application as much as possible and will really not mind leaving a good review.

We have added an application rating window and set it up at the moment when a user sets all the strings on his instrument correctly. The text in the window was also changed. Instead of the standard «Do you like our application? Please rate it» we used «Please rate our application, your ratings will help new instruments to come out more often».

These changes helped us to increase the number of ratings to 3000 and the number of reviews from 12 to 47 in 6 months.

Rating and feedback

User Retention

It takes from five seconds to adjust the guitar strings using the Tuner ONE app. The question of how to increase the user’s time in the app with interest for him or her has arisen. We have developed the game «Groove & Punch», which helps users to improve their rhythmic skills while playing. We combined a series of rhythmic exercises of different complexity and combined them with our own music. During the game, users interact in accordance with the music and develop rhythmic abilities invisibly for themselves. Thanks to this, the problem with keeping a user in the application, as well as the problem with the limited market was solved, as this game can be played not only by musicians.

Groove and punch app

The tuner is available by link

You may test it’s work yourself.

If you need an enthusiastic and experienced development team for your application, we’re ready to sign a NDA with you and discuss your ideas, give you a piece of advice and feedback based on your experience. We’ll be happy to help.

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